K Better Home

K is a philosophy; it is a belief;

our belief in Karma.

We strongly believe what goes around comes around and therefore, conscious work ethics is our offering.

Our mission is to deliver better homes and better workspaces that profoundly enrich lives. We believe in doing everything a little better than what we did yesterday. We compete with no one but ourselves, setting our benchmarks and working towards redefining them, every day. For us, creating residences, offices and showrooms isn't enough; we aim to build ecosystems that are responsive to the constantly evolving needs of modern human society. Designing and building mindfully crafted spaces is more than a promise for us; it is our most sacred oath, the foundation upon which K is built.

K Better Home
With the solid foundation, K stands tall on 4 pillars of core values
that set us apart.


build quality



Moving ahead with an infallible moral compass, we aspire to do better and are sure about being better than anyone around.

Live Uncompromised

K, a lifestyle where cutting corners is not an option.

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K Better Home

If you do it right, it'll last forever. At K, we believe in doing things right. Perfection is perception, you can reach close to it when you do things in a better way each day.

Sumit Tayal

K Better Homes